Thursday, July 26, 2012

Project Runway~Season 10 Episode recap

That was a great start to the show, don'tcha think?!?! :) Well, for those of you who didn't watch, {and I don't know why you wouldn't...} ;) the challenge was to create a companion look for another look that they had previously sent in, before the show even  started. However, the runway show was outside... in Times Square!!! :O Millions, and I mean millions, of people watched the show, so you can imagine that showing in Times Square, with several millions of people watching, could be a little nerve racking. :P So anyways, I had high hopes for Buffi, Melissa, Gunnar, and Elena, and most of them met my standards! Buffi was just fantabulous, as I had suspected. <3 Melissa was great, except I'm afraid that the judges will get tired of her whole "all-black, goth" look. However, I was not intruiged by Gunnar's work. It seemed slightly "old lady-ish" :( {But even though he seems to be designing for that the right word?...woman, I'm sure she would be a very chic lady!} His clothes that he brought to the audition were so much better!!! :O I also ended up really liking Sonjia, Christopher, and Ven. But not Kooan... Well, Kooan just plain freakes me out!!! He just runs around the room screaming like a mad person! Ironically though, I had a dream that I was a designer on the show {I wish!!!} and he was there! ;) Just for the record, he was scary in the dream too! :P That's all for today!

KP :) <3

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  1. K

    LOVE your blog!!!! Majorly.

    Fashionistas use "mature" for "old lady." It's just as strong, but a lot more polite. & speaking of politeness, Ven was no dummy on PR last night: He thanked Ralph Lauren's daughter on the way out! He could hire him some day. I almost think it's unfair to have a 4-time FIT-NY winner competing on PR. And he's that good! I'm lovin' Dimitry. I'd wear that cocktail shaker of candy. But then, I'm, uh, mature.