Friday, November 22, 2013


Just wanted to let everybody know that I am now on Wordpress instead of Blogspot! Be sure to check out the redesigned WiNK blog!! Thanks lovelies, Paige(:

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Four Seasons Hotel~Behind the Scenes video

My aunt just so happens to write for the Four Seasons Hotel magazine, and she had access to this fabulous video from a photo shoot in Paris, France from 2009. I found it recently and wanted to share it with you guys! Enjoy!!


P.S. Don't you just love haute couture?
P.P.S. Just so you know, this works best with Internet Explorer!

Friday, August 3, 2012

PR~Episode 3! :)

I'm so over this "man~crush" thing that the judges have on Ven!!! :O Yes, he is very talented and has lots of experience, but he can't win every challenge! Has anybody even seen Dmitry's work??? It's amazing! He should've been the obvious winner for this challenge and the previous challenge. Enough said.
    Me and the judges have been disagreeing about all 3 episodes of the season, but I hope that something finally goes well next week. We'll see... :|

KP :)
Yes! This is so glamorous and red-carpet-ready! It should've won... ;)

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Project Runway~Season 10 Episode recap

That was a great start to the show, don'tcha think?!?! :) Well, for those of you who didn't watch, {and I don't know why you wouldn't...} ;) the challenge was to create a companion look for another look that they had previously sent in, before the show even  started. However, the runway show was outside... in Times Square!!! :O Millions, and I mean millions, of people watched the show, so you can imagine that showing in Times Square, with several millions of people watching, could be a little nerve racking. :P So anyways, I had high hopes for Buffi, Melissa, Gunnar, and Elena, and most of them met my standards! Buffi was just fantabulous, as I had suspected. <3 Melissa was great, except I'm afraid that the judges will get tired of her whole "all-black, goth" look. However, I was not intruiged by Gunnar's work. It seemed slightly "old lady-ish" :( {But even though he seems to be designing for that the right word?...woman, I'm sure she would be a very chic lady!} His clothes that he brought to the audition were so much better!!! :O I also ended up really liking Sonjia, Christopher, and Ven. But not Kooan... Well, Kooan just plain freakes me out!!! He just runs around the room screaming like a mad person! Ironically though, I had a dream that I was a designer on the show {I wish!!!} and he was there! ;) Just for the record, he was scary in the dream too! :P That's all for today!

KP :) <3

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Project Runway Season 10!!!

Yup, it's that time again! :) Project Runway season 10 starts in exactly 49 minutes!!! Right this instant I am watching the re-runs of season 9's finale runway show. {Joshua's show just ended and Viktor's show is about to start!} :P I'll be blogging after the show on my thoughts and opinions, so comment or email me anything you want me to mention at Can't wait! ;)

KP :) <3

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